YUFUTOL-10 Pcs 0.3mm-1.2mm PCB Print Circuit Board Tip Spiral Flute Carbide Micro Drill Bits For Dremel PCB jewelry Making CNC Engraving

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  • Tip spiral flute tungsten carbide drill bits with shaper cutting edge, reduce cutting force and prevent drill broken, improve the drilling accuracy
  • Carbide tipped drill bits with high hardness, high wear resistance, high strength, resistance to bending, anti-impairment and long tool life.
  • Cutting edge diameter (CED): 0.3-1.2mm, Shank diameter: approx. 1/8" (3.175mm)

10pk Tungsten Carbide Micro Drill Bits Dremel (2 each) .80mm, .85mm, .90mm, .95mm, 1.0mm 1/8" Shank 3.175mm TOY, JEWELRY MAKING, Crafts, CNC CIRCUIT BOARD, Woodworking, MODEL TRAINS CARS BOATS!!

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  • Multi-use: CNC, PCB, Jewelry, Toy Making, Installation....
  • Shipped in protective plastic case
  • Please contact us for special orders

Lsd 10 Pcs Carbide Micro Drill Bits 0.25mm-1.15mm CNC PCB Dremel,carving Drilling.

by LSD
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  • Material: high-grade Carbide
  • Apply :Carving drilling, PCB Dremel, drill tiny holes
  • 10 Pcs Carbide Micro Drill Bits:0.25 0.35 0.45 0.55 0.65 0.75 0.85 0.95 1.05 1.15 mm.

Dremel Drill Press - PCB drilling - 0.5mm hole - Dremel Work Station 220-01

I Just bought a Dremel 4000, and the Dremel Work Station (part# 220-01). I found some people saying the Work Station was not good for PCB drilling because the bit strays from center, but for me it works great, so here is an example. What I did: --Used an ultra fine point Sharpie to draw three...


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  2. Extra-fine learn bits utilised by professed jewelers and hobbyists
    15 bits in diameters of 1.05 2.0mm, commonly utilised in adornment making, micro-electronics
    High-speed poise precision-machined for close-tolerance applications
    Average taste size 1-5/8; radical hardware...
  3. PCB Drill press made using an old rack mount server rail and other bits'n pieces from the garage!

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