ARKSEN Electric 2-Stage Rotary Vane Deep 1/3HP 3CFM AC Vacuum Pump R410 R134 HVAC with (Free Oil)

Price: $86.96
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  • Direct drive motor allowing easy starting and is maintenance free
  • Quickly and effectively removes moisture and air arom air conditioning system
  • Oil viewing windows allows you to monitor oil quality and levels

Deluxe R134a R12 R22 R502 Manifold Gauge Set & 2.5CFM Vacuum Pump 5ft HVAC Hoses by I_S IMPORT

Price: $151.99
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  • 1/4 HP Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump w/ Oil HVAC AC Gas R134a R410a
  • Freon Charging Hose 2500PSI Burst 500PSI Max w.p. 5ft Hoses

phantomx Pneumatic Air Operated Vacuum Pump, Auto A/C Air Conditioning System Tool 4.2CFM

by phantomx Pneumatic Air Operated Vacuum Pump, Auto A/C Air Conditioning System Tool 4.2CFM
Price: $59.99
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  • Capacity28.3 in. of mercury
  • Air inlet size1/4 in-18 NPT Product Height6-1/2 in. Product Length8-3/8 in. Product Width5 in.
  • Includes 1/2 in. ACME (R134a) and R12 connectors

How to evacuate and "pull" vacuum on an R134a car AC system

Proper way to "pull" a vacuum from a discharged auto AC system. This applies to the newer R134a refrigerant systems as well as the older R12 systems. It is not only necessary, but critical that you evacuate your AC system IF it has been opened to the atmoshere. However, if you are just adding...

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  1. Rate your Harbor Freight Tool Experiences!
    Had it been a Harbor Freight it would have been exchanged on the spot ... on the other hand I bought an air compressor there 13 years ago that still works and an ac vacuum pump for auto air-conditioning about 8 years ago. I do have to laugh an empty ...
  2. Dave Talks #1: A trip to Harbor Freight, vacuum pump, legalities, and shop cleanup.
    Just posted a video about a trip to Harbor Freight , some HF shopping tips, legalities, AC Repair, and shop cleanup among other things… Just as an FYI, I mention my “GoPro”, I should have said SJ4000, I am too cheap to buy a real GoPro!
  3. AC Vacuum Pump Kit
    This kit is pretty much like what Harbor Freight sells , though I bought ... it is in the other hose . Pulled a vacuum on the system for about an hour & it held . Charged the system & now have real cold ac . I watched a few u-tube videos & in one of ...
Vacuum Pump and Connector System Prototype
Vacuum Pump and Connector System Prototype