Heat Temperature Hot Air 4 Nozzles Tool Power New 1500 W Watt Shrink Electric Heater 600 to 1000 F Degree Gun

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Powder Coating Robot Parts at home

Powder coated these for a friend's son's robotic competition entry. I'm using powder from Columbia Coating, the gun is from Harbor Freight . The oven is a home brewed afair built from galvanized roofing material, R14 insulation, and three old oven heating elements..

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    If you don’t yet have a toaster oven you can’t ... [Thomas] had a go at powder coating some skateboard trucks, and with the right tools, found the process downright easy. [Thomas] only needed a few things to powder coat his parts, the first and most ...
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    [thelostspore] was experimenting with resin casting, and discovered that he needed a pressure casting chamber in order to get clear casts. There are commercial solutions for sale, and they are really nice. However, many hackers are on a budget, and if you ...
  3. Harbor Freight Powder Coat System
    The thing about powder coat is the prep more than the powder. Also having an oven that isn't for food since powder shouldn't really be baked in a food prep oven. My FIL has a big powder coating shop, he has doing it for over 28 years. The coating won't ...
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Well, not really cookies. This is a epoxy based infiltrant and will require oven curing to reach its final strength. A $200.00 harbor freight special on powder coat ovens + some home brew DIY automations and I...
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Harbor Freight Store Harbor Freight Powder Coat Oven
Harbor Freight Store Harbor Freight Powder Coat Oven
Testing of the Sears Powder Coating Gun
Testing of the Sears Powder Coating Gun