10 Ton Porta Power Hydraulic Jack Body Frame Repair Kit Auto Shop Tool Heavy Set

by Roadstar
Price: $67.99
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  • Completed Kit includes most commonly used equipment needed for Pulling Pushing, Lifting, Bending, Straightening & Spreading
  • Jack Power Type: Hydraulic; Load Capacity: 10 tons; Working Pressure: 62 Mpa; Oil Be Filled: 500g
  • Max Lifting Height: 5.31"/ 13.49cm; Ram Lifting: 13" / 33.02cm

Powernail Large Tapping Block

by Powernail Company, Inc.
Price: $17.85
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  • Made of heavy-duty UHMW Plastic
  • Designed to keep the installer's fingers out of the way while applying maximum force to the work piece
  • Aids in the installation of Laminate, Engineered, LVP and even Hardwood flooring

Powernail PowerCleat 16ga 2" L-Cleat. Box of 5,000

by Powernail Company, Inc.
Price: $69.99
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  • Made in the USA
  • 16ga, 2" L-Cleat, 5000 per package
  • Powercleats nails ensure trouble-free operation and optimum construction results

harbor freight portable bandsaw for cutting metal steel. vs milwaukee

part 1 what is a portable bandsaw. how to unbox one and initial review of the chicago electric portable bandsaw and the old tested milwaukee portable bandsaw. this is just the superficial first take of them side by side. Superficial review will make more later actually cutting.


  1. Harbor Freight Tools at Low Prices

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  2. Harbor Freight is a packed of unique carpentry electrical power instruments essential to do the task. Every single instrument does a distinct work which can make them not only helpful but indispensable in some situations.

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    At the heart of it? An alternator from a van — surprisingly powerful and easy to control. They used cheap 8″ wheels from Harbor Freight Tools — they worked great, just didn’t last very long… By the time the races were over, they went through ...
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