Safety First With This Adjustable Elastic Strap Welding Cutting Welders Safety Goggles Glasses In Dark Green Lenses That Can Flip Up And Down To Protect Your Eyes From Debris And Sparks

by Nongminkshop
List price: $8.12
Price: $8.10
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  • A must have for welding, torching or cutting
  • Model: Welding Cutting Torch Flip Up Goggles
  • Vents for adequate circulation

Chicago Welding 18 Inch cutting torch

by Chicago Electric Welding Systems
Price: $83.11
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  • Two stainless steel needle valves
  • Triangular stainless steel gas tubes
  • Tough extruded brass torch handle for long life;

Gas Welding and Cutting Kit Portable Acetylene Oxygen Torch Set Welder Regulator

by Getza
Price: $126.31
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  • Cutting Nozzle No. 2
  • Cutting Attachment
  • Welding Nozzles (No. 0, No. 2 & No. 4)

Harbor Freight oxygen and acetylene welding and cutting torch just as good as my victor torch

Harbor Freight heavy duty oxygen and acetylene welding accessory kit. This is my review of the torch set you get at Harbor Freight and I really love it and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get started welding and cutting. I really like it as much as my expensive set and it is just as good...


  1. HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS OPENS HEMPSTEAD, NY STORE Hempstead, NY (PRBuzz) November 4, 2010 -- Harbor Freight Tools, the nation's largest discount tool retailer, today announced the November 6thGrand Opening of its Hempstead, NY store located at 270 Peninsula Boulevard in the Hempstead Village...
  2. Harbor Freight Tools is pleased to announce the highly anticipated Grand Opening of their new 12,000 square-foot retail store located in the Hempstead Village Shopping Center at 270 Peninsula Blvd in the city of Hempstead. The Grand Opening Celebration will take place on Saturday November 6,...
  3. Harbor Freight Tin Snips Cutting Auto Body

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  1. How to cut with a torch – oxygen acetylene welding cutting torch
    This time, we check out how the process of cutting through metal with an acetylene torch works and the techniques that should be used to get that clean cut. It’s quite interesting to watch as heat is used to slice through the metal like a hot knife ...
  2. Got Cactus? Cut Your Winter Feed Bill In Half!
    I use a five- and 10-gallon propane tank and a torch from Harbor Freight . The torch is lightweight and has a relatively short hose so you don’t get tangled up with a cow. Whatever you do, don’t use your dad’s old system from the ’50s! Shop around ...
  3. What's a good buy at the Harbor Freight?
    There's a Harbor Freight near me, and it's filled with bargains! But I expect that a lot of the stuff is junk. What are the good values at HF, and what should I avoid? I don't like buying disposable tools (or anything, if I can help it), even if it's cheap ...
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Harbor Freight Plasma Torch| Harbor Freight Plasma Cutter
Harbor Freight Plasma Torch| Harbor Freight Plasma Cutter
harbor freight oxygen acetylene torch kit final review
harbor freight oxygen acetylene torch kit final review