MLCS 9338 All-In-one Router Plate Kit

Price: $34.95
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  • Easy installation
  • Everything You Need to Mount Your Router to a Table!
  • Magnetic plate hold-down

Momentary Power Foot Switch

by Harbor Freight Tools
Price: $28.48
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  • Momentary snap-action design powers your tools only while the pedal is pressed
  • Easy to operate
  • Effortless installation: plug the foot switch into a grounded outlet, then plug the machine into the foot switch

Warrior 15 Piece Woodworking Router Bit Set for Table Routers

by Harbor Freight Tools
Price: $41.29
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  • Controlled depth of cut minimizes kickback
  • Precision ground cutting edges stay sharper
  • Designed with anti-kickback feature;

CNCRP 4848 Speed Test 1_4 Deep 200 to 600

We at CNCRP are curious to know how fast and how deep can our table kits cut? Here is the first test we ran. 1/2in CDX Plywood, 1/4in upcut spiral bit from Harbor Freight programmed to cut 3 rectangles 6.5in x 1in. Cut Depth:1/4 Step over 1/8 Feed Rate:200 increased in Mach3 to 600 ipm, Spindle...


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  1. Rate your Harbor Freight Tool Experiences!
    The safety bar is intended to bear the weight of what ever is on the raised table. The table should be lowered on to the bar. The ram, via the pedals, should only be used to raise and lower the table. Click to expand... That said, I always forget to use it.
  2. Router Table Hack
    This is not a true Instructable, but rather an idea that you can adapt to your needs. I used to have a router table, but had to get rid of it due to space limitations. A few week ago, I really needed a router table and I don't know why I hadn't thought of ...
  3. Suggestions and Opinions concerning Harbor Freight Router Table 91130.
    With the 25% sale again this weekend I’m seriously considering the model 91130. The money works out to $170.00 with tax. This will be my first adventure into the world of routers. On first look this unit has lots of plastic which may or may not be of ...
table pattern legs r2d2 router plywood
Photo by kimncris on Flickr

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Gallery Images Related to Harbor Freight Router Table