Deluxe R134a R12 R22 R502 Manifold Gauge Set & 2.5CFM Vacuum Pump 5ft HVAC Hoses by I_S IMPORT

Price: $151.99
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  • 1/4 HP Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump w/ Oil HVAC AC Gas R134a R410a
  • Quick Adapter:R134a Brass Adapter 1/4" Male to 1/2" ACME Female Charging Hose to Vacuum Pump

6.25 Gallon Pneumatic Oil Extractor with 5 Probes and Vacuum Gauge

by Pittsburgh Automotive
Price: $199.94
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  • Accessories included: 5 probes, vacuum gauge
  • Tank reservoir size: 6-1/4 gallons
  • Air inlet: 1/4" NPT

Tuhoomall Air Compressor Accessory Kit, 1/4" NPT Air Tool Kit w/1/4"x25Ft Coil Nylon Hose /Blow Gun/ Tire Gauge - 20 Piece

by TuhooMall
Price: $17.99
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  • Great air compressor kit with all you need to start your projects
  • With double 1/4" MNPT Nylon hose, Max working pressure is 200Psi
  • Blow gun with 4 inflation nozzles and 2 inflation needles for pool toys, sports balls and air mattresses

Ford 78' 400 Engine Vacuum Test

Testing a cheapo Harbor Freight vacuum gauge on my 78' F250 with a 400 engine. Engine has 87000 miles and has not had anything done to it other than routine service.


  1. My recent purchase of the Harbor Freight 220v single phase dust collector seems to have been advantageous for a low-cost vacuum hold down system. In the following video I show how I set up my dust collector for as a ...
  2. I have always hated inflating my tires. It's always a struggle to keep the inflator nozzle pressed against the tire valve stem while alternating between inflating and checking the tire pressure.

    I recently got one of these clip-on tire inflators. It lets me quickly and easily inflate...
  3. Black Friday falls on November 25, in 2010. That is still over a month away. However, we have started to see 2010 Black Friday ads begin to get leaked.
    Today we see ads for Sears and Harbor Freight .
    Here are the 2010 Coupons for Black Friday sales at Harbor Freight.

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  1. Build a Plastic Vacuum Former
    11 gallon air tank from Harbor Freight (find a coupon) • 2 stage 3 cfm vacuum pump from Harbor Freight (find a coupon) • Vacuum gauge. I wanted one that just displayed inHG and was center mounted. I could have deleted the 1/4" coupling and 3/8" hose ...
  2. Dirt Cheap Harbor Freight Vacuum Pump
    I'm not looking to spend too much on a vac setup, and was looking at hand pumps to get started with when I came across this pump. It's dirt cheap and supposedly rated for 28.3" of mercury. Does anyone have any experience or heard about this pump? I hope to ...
  3. The Smell of Molten Projects in the Morning
    Dabs of silicone lube at all the contact points considerably improved its disposition. The display offers 0.01 mm resolution, but I don’t believe that rightmost digit for an instant. The stated accuracy is ±0.1 mm, which is probably closer to the truth ...