Gas Welding and Cutting Kit Portable Acetylene Oxygen Torch Set Welder Regulator

by Getza
Price: $126.31
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  • Cutting Attachment
  • Torch Handle
  • Welding Nozzles (No. 0, No. 2 & No. 4)

Chicago Welding 18 Inch cutting torch

by Chicago Electric Welding Systems
Price: $83.11
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  • Two stainless steel needle valves
  • Tough extruded brass torch handle for long life;
  • Triangular stainless steel gas tubes

Oxygen Acetylene Cutting Torch Burner Welding Kit Victor Type Twin Hose Heating Tip

Price: $228.93
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  • Tip cleaner, Carrying case and owners booklet
  • Heating tip, Cutting head w/oxy valve
  • Torch handle, Welding tip mixer, Cutting assembly with #2,4 and 6 welding tips

harbor freight oxygen acetylene torch kit final review


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  1. Recommendation for a good torch for silver
    I have a small Oxy/acetylene torch but prefer to use a MAPP torch for silver brazing. The MAPP gives enough heat to do small to medium size pieces but does not overheat the work. Oxy/acetylene will overheat easily and takes some skill to use. I suggest ...
  2. 90 amp Harbor Freight Wire Welder
    SUCKS, USELESS, GARBAGE, I've got one I haven't used in 15 years, did a little body work with it, ran maybe 10" of good beed ever, other than that.. Useless. Sitting in my Dad's barn, he's been trying to give it away for 10 years, nobody will even take it ...
  3. Northern Tool Dual Turbo Propane Torch Kit - Answered Questions & Fixed issues
    Can I fusion weld light gauge sheet metal with L.P.G. instead of acetylene. Anon, I use L.P.G. and Oxy, for cutting metal and for silver welding/brazing , a little fussy and not as hot or quick heat as acetylene. Check the attached links,instruction and ...
Harbor Freight oxygen and acetylene welding and cutting torch just as ...
Harbor Freight oxygen and acetylene welding and cutting torch just as ...