by HYL
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  • USA Service And Parts
  • Professional Grade Welding Equipment
  • 2 Year Warranty

Chicago Electric Welding Systems CO2/Argon Regulator Gauge

by Chicago Electric Welding Systems
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  • Chrome plated regulator
  • Durable phenolic PVC knob;
  • Cast brass with steely body gauge

7.5m Power Cable Cover Cowboy Cloth for Plasma Cutting Gun Argon Arc Welding

by Thailand
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  • Specification: Material: Cowboy cloth Color: blue Length: 750cm Width: 4cm Application: Plasma c
  • Description: 7.5m Power Cable Cover Cowboy Cloth for Plasma Cutting Gun Argon Arc Welding Plasm
  • a cutting gun, argon arc welding, wire feeding machine connection protection cloth cover, used to p

Harbor Freight Tig welding 110v

Harbor Freight Inverter Stick welder converted to tig. 110v. Red tungsten, 15cu straight argon, scratch start, no foot control. Maxed at 80amps. 1/8th inch bar stock. This is me practicing. Pic at the end was the best result I got out of the 3 welds. Any tips or advice would greatly be...

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  1. Anyone have a harbor freight wire welder.
    Honestly the flux core "pocket MIGs" are harder to weld with than the solid wire machines with Argon shielding gas ... I would buy a lot of things from Harbor Freight , but a wire-feed welder is not one of them. I think you would be better off buying ...
  2. Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 180 Dual Complete Tutorial – Safety Equipment, Consumables and Accessories
    The cheapest auto-darkening welding helmets you can buy are at harbor freight . I neither recommend them ... If you pick up a bottle of 75%/25% Argon/CO2 gas you can set your machine up for MIG welding. In that case you’ll need a plain mild steel weld ...
  3. A word about Harbor Freight Tools
    They say you have to have the receipt but will let that go, in my case anyway. So if you need a digital mutimeter try one from them. One other thing about Harbor Freight some stuff is good some stuff is just plain crap, you have to watch what you buy.