Chicago Electric Welding Systems CO2/Argon Regulator Gauge

by Chicago Electric Welding Systems
Price: $48.95
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  • Chrome plated regulator
  • Cast brass with steely body gauge
  • Durable phenolic PVC knob;


by HYL
Price: $249.00
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  • High Duty Cycle
  • Friendly and Knowlegeable Support
  • 2 Year Warranty

7.5m Power Cable Cover Cowboy Cloth for Plasma Cutting Gun Argon Arc Welding

by Thailand
Price: $22.98
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  • a cutting gun, argon arc welding, wire feeding machine connection protection cloth cover, used to p
  • tting gun, argon arc welding, wire feeding machine,ect Package includes: 1 x Power Cable Cover
  • Description: 7.5m Power Cable Cover Cowboy Cloth for Plasma Cutting Gun Argon Arc Welding Plasm

Harbor Freight Tig welding 110v

Harbor Freight Inverter Stick welder converted to tig. 110v. Red tungsten, 15cu straight argon, scratch start, no foot control. Maxed at 80amps. 1/8th inch bar stock. This is me practicing. Pic at the end was the best result I got out of the 3 welds. Any tips or advice would greatly be...

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  1. Anyone have a harbor freight wire welder.
    Honestly the flux core "pocket MIGs" are harder to weld with than the solid wire machines with Argon shielding gas ... I would buy a lot of things from Harbor Freight , but a wire-feed welder is not one of them. I think you would be better off buying ...
  2. Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 180 Dual Complete Tutorial – Safety Equipment, Consumables and Accessories
    The cheapest auto-darkening welding helmets you can buy are at harbor freight . I neither recommend them ... If you pick up a bottle of 75%/25% Argon/CO2 gas you can set your machine up for MIG welding. In that case you’ll need a plain mild steel weld ...
  3. A word about Harbor Freight Tools
    They say you have to have the receipt but will let that go, in my case anyway. So if you need a digital mutimeter try one from them. One other thing about Harbor Freight some stuff is good some stuff is just plain crap, you have to watch what you buy.