333 World Tie Down Straps, Motorcycle Tie Downs, Truck Tie Downs, 1.5” wide. (Pack of 4) (12 inches Long)

by 333 World
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  • ✓ QUANTITY : 4 Pack of 12 inches length to easily tie loops. Twisted loop on one end makes it easy to tie without knotting. Each securing strap has a loop at each end for wrapping around objects and creating a strong anchor point while protecting paint from being scratched by hooks or ropes.
  • ✓ SPECIFICATION : 1.5 inches width. NON-ELASTIC webbing strap is manufactured by a real heavy-industries grade webbing supplier.
  • ✓ QUALIFICATION : 3300 LB breaking capacity. 5 Stiched Strap for greater durability. Moving refrigerator, washer, dryer, strapping cargo, anchor points, hooks, trailer management, bungees, ratchet tie downs, cam buckles, securing motorcycle, ATV, 4 wheeler, bicycle, battle ropes.

Master Appliance Portapro Series Butane-Powered Glue Gun Kit

by Alert
List price: $70.19
Price: $48.15
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  • Industrial powered ideal to bond corrugated materials, fasten plastics, reseal products during packaging, glue down carpeting, and much more
  • Cordless and completely portable with a 4-minute warmup time and 140 minute continuous run time
  • High temperature and power ratings: 392-Degree Fahrenheit/200-Degree Celsius. Patented: USA, Taiwan, Germany, Japan & China.

Qadira 1200pcs Mixed Assorted Lug Kit Insulated Electrical Wire Connector Terminal Spade Ring Butt Set

by Qadira
Price: $26.99
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  • Ideal for connecting wires securely without soldering: electrical repair, installation, automotive connectors
  • All terminals are nicely enclosed in plastic case for easy access and carry
  • Material: Copper + PVC + Tinplate

Ric Steel built this home made DIY Gas Powered 60 amp 12v generator battery charger

2 and 1/2 hp gas engine from Harbor freight and a 60 amp gm alternator power an 8D truck battery with Jumper cables. total cost $150.00

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Harbor Freight Jump Starters, Battery Chargers and Air Compressor
Harbor Freight Jump Starters, Battery Chargers and Air Compressor