Hongso SPA231 (3-pack) Stainless Steel BBQ Gas Grill Heat Plate, Heat Shield, Heat Tent, Burner Cover, Vaporizor Bar, and Flavorizer Bar for Costco Kirland, Jenn-air, Nexgrill, Lowes (17 3/4

by Hongso
Price: $16.99
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  • Fits Nexgrill Models : 681955, 738505; Sterling Forge Models: chateau 3304, estate 2704, 3304, 2704; Fits Glen Canyon Models : 720-0026
  • Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with ours BEFORE you order
  • Dimensions: 17 3/4" x 6 3/8

Direct store Parts DB101 (4-pack) Cast Iron Burner Replacement Charbroil, Lowe's (Jenn-Air) ,Jenn Air, The Source, Gas Grill (4)

by Direct store
Price: $95.99
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  • Fits Charbroil Models: 463241004, 463241904, 463247404, 463247504, 463251705, 463252205; Charbroil Part Numbers: 80001254, 80000431
  • Fits Lowe's (Jenn-Air) Models : 720-0061-LP, 720-0062-LP, 720-0063-LP, 720-0099-NG, 720-0100-NG, 720-0101-NG, 720-0138-NG, 720-0139-NG, 720-0141-LP, 720-0142-LP, 720-0150-LP, 720-0151-NG, 720-0163, 720-0164, 720-0165, 720-0171, 720-0671, 720-101, 730-0163, 730-0164, 730-0165, 730-0171
  • Fits The Source Models : Professional 720-0247, Professional 720-0274

SP1231 (4-pack) Stainless Steel Heat Plate, Heat Shield, Heat Tent, Burner Cover, Vaporizor Bar, and Flavorizer Bar for Costco Kirland, Glen Canyon, Jenn-air, Nexgrill, Sterling Forge, Lowes Model Grills

by BBQ Mart
Price: $23.65
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  • Fits Jenn-Air Models: 420-0032, 720-0061, 720-0062, 720-0063, 720-0099, 720-0100, 720-0138, 720-0139, 720-0141, 720-0142, 720-0150, 720-101, 730-0163
  • Fits Costco Kirland Models : Pro Series 720-0033, SKU681955, SKU738505
  • Fits Glen Canyon Models : 720-0026

Donnys' Master Forge Grill 03-2009

This is Donnys Brand New Master Forge Grill from Lowes. Here he is making Easter Dinner on it. This is the very 1st time he is using it.


  1. Jenn air gas grills have been around for a long time, but do you know that the Jenn-Air Company does not manufacture grills. What happened with this product is it was licensed to Lowe’s, a famous home improvement store you can see in every town.
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    Great grill but if you can't get parts in a reasonable time then your grill is useless for up to 4 months in my case. On 5/30/2008 I bought an outdoor gas grill from lowes. It was pushed as being a high end Jenn air but I later found name is just licensed ...
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  3. I would love to know how to clean my Jenn-Air grill top
    The brown spots (build-up) on the grill really are looking horrible - I need a miracle!!! What can I do to make them look NEW again? Loved the idea of the racks in the oven with cleaning with ammonia - how about this?