True Temper General Purpose Shovel - 1632400

by Ames True Temper
Price: $32.61
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  • Steel collar at the handle/socket connection for added strength
  • Hardwood handle for strength and durability
  • 13 1/2-Inch steel blade

DuPont Teflon Snow and Ice Repellant, 10-Ounce

by Finish Line Technologies, Inc.
Price: $12.17
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  • For best results, apply after each snow storm
  • Teflon enhanced silicone formula for maximum repellency
  • Repels snow from snow blower augers and chute

RHS Ice Dam Melter, melts existing ice dams on the roof and gutters, perfect for cold areas below 32 °F, EXTREMELY HOT, Melts Ice and Snow, UL Components, Buy factory direct (8" in x 5' ft)

by Roof Heating Systems
Price: $114.95
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  • Easy installation, RHS Ice Dam Melter is 8" inches in width, Length can be made in 5', 8', 10', 15', and any other size up to 50' ft. for custom orders. The Ice Dam Melter you won't need to screw or attach any adhesive to your roof and gutter, simply lay the ice dam melter on top of the desired area and place a heavier object on top (ex: a piece of 2x4) to add weight to the mat and completely melt the ice dam
  • RHS Ice Dam Melter snow and ice melting systems are good looking and cost effective. They ensure that the house owner will not have the frustration, property damage, and costs associated with water damage caused by the inability of roofs to drain water during winter months.
  • RHS Ice Dam Melting System provides with the most proficient, highly scalable and eco-friendly ice dam melting solution. Our roof systems are offered for all types of applications, including new construction, remodeling, and existing roofs. Installing RHS Valley Heater Systems can increase the life of your roof in addition it will enhance the value of your home or commercial property.

Locals Stock Up For Winter Storm - WSAZ-TV

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - Winter weather can keep lots of people from going out and getting the things they need. With a potential snow storm on the way, some people were out in full force stocking up for the storm ahead.

Rita Potter-Brown, Huntington native, says stocking up on food and water is important when bad weather could hit the region.

"You really need to have...


Orbit Snow Shovels are Tough!

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  1. Locals Stock Up For Winter Storm
    At Lowes in South Point, Ohio, folks are buying snow shovels, salt, spreaders, and other items for fighting snow. Jessica Ryan, Kitts Hill, Ohio native, says buying items ahead of time is a great way to prepare for severe weather. "The snow plows don't


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  1. Road crews and residents prepare for snow and ice
    At the 6th Highway Yard in Northeast Philadelphia, trucks loaded up on salt around 11 am. At the Lowes in Plymouth Meeting, salt and shovels were on shoppers' lists. That includes Dan Veber of Whitpain Township. He tells us he's hopeful the storm won't hit ...
  2. Cold snap has stores and shoppers stocking up on winter supplies
    Shopper Mark Peters said "I'm pretty much ready. Trying to get the kids ready, so I don't have to go over there and shovel them out this time, so I was looking at snow blowers for them." Lowe's greeter Chris Veseth said "the ice melt and the rock salt so ...
  3. How to dress for winter weather in Vancouver
    You can buy them in many colours, so once you buy the boots, and you want the socks, you go to the other side of the store," explained Jessica Lowe. If you're sleeping ... if you find yourself dusting off the old snow shovel and scraping a few centimetres ...
snow bag washington paradise mt skiing hiking powder mount climbing rainier backpack wa trips backcountry whatsinyourbag whatsinmybag
I know the "What's in my bag?" meme is probably all but dead, but I still think its kinda cool. I'm going backcountry skiing tomorrow and I thought I'd document what I was bringing. NOTE: Please don't...
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Suncast Double Grip Ergonomic Snow Shovel | Lowe's Canada
Suncast Double Grip Ergonomic Snow Shovel | Lowe's Canada