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  1. Lowes Black Friday 2016 Tool Deals
    Lowes’ Black Friday 2016 tool deals have been made public, now that their adscan has been leaked online. Thank you Robbie for the heads-up! I’ve already raided their in-store tool deals center, and bought a couple more things earlier this week. There ...
  2. What is a Multimeter?
    The two main kinds of a multimeter are analog and digital ... Look in the big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. They usually have several to choose from and you can get a favorable price. Some local hardware stores, depending on the size, sell multimeters.
  3. Answered LOWE Refrigeration Slimline JINNY 200 Questions & Issues Page 6 - Fixya
    Hi, my hot point STF 200WP is switch on and the power light is on but I can't hear the pump running, in other words I can't tell if the fridge freezer is functioning.Thank you. I would 1) feel it and see if it is cold. Then, 2) put a thermometer in the ...
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