Tech BS Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch 2017 - Full HD Clarity (2 PACK)

by Blue Star Enterprises of America
Price: $10.99
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  • ★ PREMIUM TEMPERED GLASS - This protector is made with the world's best 0.33mm thick genuine tempered glass on the market with advanced 9H hardness to provide optimal protection from high impact drips, scratches, scrapes, oil and bumps directly to the screen
  • ★ FINGERPRINT FREE - Our exclusive tempered glass screen protector is coated with hydrophobic oleophobic layer that protects your screen from sweat, smudges and oil residue, thus your Nintendo screen looks flawless and clean
  • ★ CONVENIENT PACK - Includes 2x tempered glass screen protector. It's easy to install on your Nintendo screen and it is case friendly

MDA launches 'Shamrocks Against Dystrophy' - CBS 21

March is the time for Shamrocks and it is no different at the Muscular Dystrophy Association. MDA is celebrating through their Shamrock program where customers can purchase a shamrock at participating retailers throughout the area. The shamrock will then decorate the store and the funds will go to aid local people with Muscular Dystrophy by providing diagnostic work-ups and expert...

Olive Oil Lamp

This is my review of the Chamber Olive Oil Lamp sold by Lehman's. If you would like to take a look at the options they offer, please click here You could also buy parts from Lehman's to make your own lamps. Or you could build your own wick stand and use Hemp string that you...

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  1. MDA launches 'Shamrocks Against Dystrophy'
    LOWES, Karns Quality Foods, AWI Shurfine Stores, Amelia's Grocery Outlets, Beiters Home Centers, Blouch's Fuel Service, Bob Evans Restaurant, Boyer's Food Markets, Brewers Outlet, CJ Tires, Dairy Queen, Colonial Lounge, Denny's Restaurant, Dollies Inn,


  1. Oil Lamp Christmas Tree. I love it! via | BUY

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  1. Repurposed Shell Oil Canister Turned Shell Lamp
    This lamp was originally my Gulf Oil Canister re purposed lamp until i could locate an Shell Canister to match the light fixture. While at the Dixie Gas and Oil Show i found one just like i was searching for. First i disassembled the Gulf Lamp and prepared ...
  2. KleanHeat Oil Lamp Fuel
    Choose Klean-Heat: it's premium, clean-burning oil lamp fuel. It's a little bit more expensive than some fuels you can buy, but we think it's worth it. "SO-much better than the "regular" kerosene, and way-better than the wick-clogging paraffin. Burns even ...
  3. Halloween Lava Lamp by Erin Lowe
    I predict that if I drop Alka-Seltzer in oil and water, then the Alka-Seltzer will start bubbling. The bubbles will carry gas to the top. Observations I observed that the oil floated on top of the water, and they did not mix. The food coloring fell through ...
Mathews' Bristol Street Directory 1871 1871 Backfields, St. Paul’s The 1828 plan of Bristol, shows the circular stables at Back Fields.The stables were the home of the...
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With new light fixtures that I LOVE. They came from Lowe's and have three directional lamps, but install just like a regular flushmount fixture.
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