100 Extra Heavy Duty Steel Garden Landscape Staples / Stakes / Pins - Made in USA - Strong Pro Quality Built to Last. Best Weed Barrier Fabric, Lawn Drippers, Irrigation Tubing, Wireless Dog Fence

by The 5 Star Collection
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  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA - Supplying the tools, supplies, & essentials gardeners, landscapers, & home owners need. Designed to start rusting quickly to "grow" into the soil & increase holding power 2x-4x. They'll last for years! Galvanized, plastic, & stainless steel staples don't have this feature so they can't hold as well as our staples do. These are not decorative staples to "look pretty" in the ground, these are strong professional-grade staples made to get the job done!
  • HUNDREDS OF USES - Container garden, square foot, raised bed, herb, rose, bulbs, vegetable & flower gardens. Fence in dogs, stop dog digging in your gardens or beds or to hold down a boundary or perimeter fence to stop animal digging such as squirrels, rabbits, and gophers, and also to secure deer and bird nets. Useful in rock, stone, cactus, succulent, and Japanese gardens to hold down landscape fabric or plastic to keep weeds out of rocks and plants. Use with petsmart petsafe invisible fences.
  • FULL 6 INCH PROFESSIONAL LENGTH (BEWARE OF CHEAPER 4 INCH STAPLES THAT DON'T HOLD) - Our garden stakes are designed to enhance your outdoor landscapes, patio, home, and landscaping projects. Longer and stronger than the pins, pegs, and sod staples that you'll find at Home Depot, Lowes, and other home improvement stores. Use in the landscape, lawn or garden to pin down countless items.

Fence Weave - Green

by Master Halco
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  • Guaranteed for 5 Years
  • Each box covers 40 SQUARE FEET, diagonally installs into any chain link fence
  • Includes Metal Fence Weave Fasteners

Wood Post Puller with Hose Shutoff

by SawyerVentures
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  • Fundamentally different than every other tool on the market - the Wood Post Puller is the only tool that works from the bottom-up to slide the post and concrete footing out of the ground on a layer of mud. Works on any post: wood posts, concrete posts, metal or steel posts, signposts, mailbox posts, chain link posts - even broken or rotten posts mounted in concrete footings. Using the pressure from your garden hose, the water jets from the specialty tool cut the dirt away from the post, creating a layer of mud, and eliminating the friction between the ground and the post.
  • Constructed of rugged 5/8 inch diameter steel on the main shaft, the Wood Post Puller measures 8 inches wide and 34 inches long - enough reach for all common residential privacy fence posts. With a swivel hose connection and rubberized handles for comfort, the Wood Post Puller specialty tool and method are engineered and manufactured in the USA (US Patent 8,250,787).
  • The innovative Wood Post Puller removes posts and concrete stumps in just minutes without dangerous jacks and high forces. Based on the simple concept that mud is slippery, the Wood Post Puller method was developed to remove concrete footings from heavy clay when nothing else worked, it easily handles other soil conditions. No heavy equipment to damage the lawn; leaves a clean hole that is immediately ready for a replacement post. Save hours of backbreaking work and complete your fence repair today!

Chain Link Fence Installation Tips: Installing Posts and Hardware

In this video, Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, demonstrates how to install fence posts and hardware for chain link fencing. To watch the previous videos in this series and to find the printable instructions for this video, visit www.Lowes.com The great thing about chain link fencing...


  1. A Guide To Chain Link Fences. Chain link fences are perhaps one of the most popular styles of fences used by homeowners today. Offering extreme durability security as well as low maintenance chain
  2. A Guide To Chain Link Fences. Chain link fences are perhaps one of the most popular styles of fences used by homeowners today. Offering extreme durability security as well as low maintenance chain
  3. Get complete information about chain link fencing with advantages and features. Chain link fence is one of the most traditional and versatile form of wire fencing.

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