Rowan Animal Clinic staff vows to rebuild practice - Salisbury Post

Lauren Ware and Hillary Hoffner, kennel technicians, sort out supplies recovered from the building. Owners and staff members of the Rowan Animal Clinic on Statesville Blvd. are spending hours sifting through the charred remains after an early Sunday morning fire gutted the facility. Nine dogs perished from smoke inhalation. Photo by Jon C. Lakey, Salisbury Post. Hillary Hoffner, kennel...

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the old roof - - supported by 1X4s - boards attached by star/torx bit head screws - panels nailed to wood - metal panels (rust, noise, weight, dents) - panels installed in a way wind can grab it - not safe to walk on the new roof - - supported by 2X4s - boards attached by stainless steel phillips...

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  1. Salisbury Post Rowan Animal Clinic staff vows to rebuild practice
    The building's metal roof sealed up the building like the lid on a Tupperware container, Greg described, and pushed dense smoke into the kennel. Greg's next order of business was to keep his father, RB, from going in. Another fireman tried again,
  2. Volunteer crafts 'comfortable' dog house
    The walls and roofs are sheeted with half-inch plywood as an underlayment, then 3 inches of blue foam insulation. Pike finished with a wood-grained composite sheet with vertical grooves to give it a barn appearance. "The trim is a wood-grained,


  1. Chicago Metal Roofing Replacement - metal roofing used today is much more efficient and modern. It is very strong and durable as well as low maintenance.
  2. Metal roofing is the most affordable, economical, low maintenance roofing option. Installing a metal roof also costs less than the other shake and shingles roofing options.

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  1. Basic Types and Cost of Roofing Materials
    It's a necessary material when covering a roof with no or low slope: roll roofing is good at holding back moisture. More » Metal roofing. The Aluminum Assoc., Inc. A truly unorthodox type of roof, the green or living roof nevertheless holds much promise.
  2. Top 70 Metal Roofing Facts, FAQs, Costs, Myths, Pros & Cons: Metal Roofing Guide for Remodeling Consumers 2016-2017
    I do not know about you, but if you ask me, I would tell you that a metal roof is a great way to protect your home if you happen to live in the region that receives a lot of snowfall. — Just ask any resident of Illinois, Ohio, upstate New York ...
  3. Metal roof on the coop
    Yes you can but it is recommended to use tar paper under the metal roof. It will ensure a long ... They are sold in the roofing areas of most stores like Home Depot and Lowes. I did it here on this coop recently myself. The main coop does not have plywood ...
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View of the abandoned Ensley works near Birmingham, Alabama. The equipment in the foreground is a 600-ton hot metal mixer. When in use it was sheltered under a broad roof and encircled by a pouring platform about 55...
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Lowes Metal Roofing Cost - Buy Lowes Metal Roofing Cost,Lowes Metal ...
Lowes Metal Roofing Cost - Buy Lowes Metal Roofing Cost,Lowes Metal ...