Little Giant 554425 VCMA-20ULS Condensate Removal 1/30 HP Pump with Safety Switch

by Little Giant
Price: $45.99
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  • 3 inlet drain holes
  • cCSAus listed
  • Flow: 80 GPH at 1' lift

ARKSEN Deep Well Submersible Pump + Control Box, 1 HP, 110v, 60hz, 33GPM, 200FT Head, Stainless Steel, 4"

Price: $125.97
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  • Type of Motor: Singel Phase
  • 1hp Submersible Bore Water Pump gives you a class-leading flow rate
  • Highest quality 304-grade stainless-steel housing; Includes control box

Anpatio Outdoor Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain Floating Pool Brushless Water Pump with 7 Different Spray Heads for Birdbaths Garden Pond Fish Tank

by Anpatio
Price: $39.99
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  • Bird bath fountain water pump suitable for garden decoration, bird bath, small pond, water circulation for oxygen. No battery or electricity, is conducive to renewable energy environment
  • Installation is simple, easy to use, as long as there is direct sunlight on the solar cells without shadows, water pump will start working in a few seconds
  • Moving water attracts more birds! Hummingbirds, butterflies and other songbirds can't resist the gentle stream of moving water. You'll attract more birds to your yard with this solar fountain

The comedic potential of “literally” - The Economist (blog)

FANS of the American mockumentary show “Parks and Recreation”, created by NBC, have noted with delight the serial abuse of “literally” by Rob Lowe’s character Chris Traeger. He eccentrically pronounces it /ˈlit rə li/ (close to the standard British pronunciation) every time he uses and misuses it, which is often.  

“I have a resting heart rate of 28 beats per minute. The doctors who...

Lowe's aviation hanger Statesville NC foam fire suppression test foam canons

This is the fire systems foam canon fire suppression test I original assisted testing in 2006 for the Lowe's aviation hanger in Statesville, NC.

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  1. The comedic potential of “literally”
    The doctors who studied me said that my heart could, literally, pump jet fuel up into a jet.” A send-up of type-A personalities, Traeger characterizes various foods, people and experiences as literally the best. The comedic value of a character like
  2. Winter warmer, but snowfall stays normal
    AccuWeather's long-range forecasting team – and many others, as well – predicted that big high-pressure systems in Canada would force the jet stream south, pumping ice-cold air into the Midwest where it would slam into warm, moist air flowing up from
  3. Burke Goes Poopy Pants On Air
    The danger in pumping up a few players ahead of the entire sport is that the league could end up like the NBA – as a joke, a farce, an overhyped shlokfest …. - Awesome goals by Winnipeg large bodies Blake Wheeler and Chris Thorburn the other night,


  1. A change of underwear is guaranteed if this ever happened to you. The mother of all flybys as an Argentinian trainer jet, flies what appears to be just a metre above the ground – and within a couple of feet of the guy holding the camera – before swinging up back into the air again.
  2. A Spanish pilot friend of mine sends me this stunning video of a low pass flyby in Argentina. I just can't believe the mad man who was flying this jet got it so close to the ground.
  3. A low-down jet stream combined with warm, soupy air has been fueling monster storms.

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  1. Little Giant JP7C Shallow Well Jet Pump Cast Iron 34HP 16GPM - Page 9 - Answered Questions & Fixed issues
    To increase pressure, reduce flow. If you need the volume as well as pressure, you may need to upgrade your pump. Or if its just not performing like it used to, open up the pump and inspect the impeller. If its a home build kind of thing, make sure the ...
  2. replaced flooded convertible jet pump, pressure will not go over 30 lb.
    On the coast of NC the water table is high. I know a deep well jet pump can be setup using the casing as the second pipe and only have one pipe to the pump. But I was told at Lowe's the 1hp shallow well jet pump would work fine. I am right on a large creek ...
Simer 1/2 HP Convertible Deep Well Jet Pump | Lowe's Canada
Simer 1/2 HP Convertible Deep Well Jet Pump | Lowe's Canada
Shop Utilitech 1/2-HP Cast Iron Deep Well Jet Pump at
Shop Utilitech 1/2-HP Cast Iron Deep Well Jet Pump at